The Amaya which is a sub-urban housing under of PT. Kota Satu Properti Tbk, is still experiencing good growth until 2021, which is known as the pandemic has not yet ended. The reason is, until 2021 The Amaya is still continuing to develop the Amaya Luxury Home Resort phase 1 housing which covers an area of approximately 11 hectares. It is known that currently 580 housing units have been built with various types and 326 units of them have been sold. In addition to housing units, there are 43 shop houses and 37 units have also been recorded as having been sold.

In the development, The Amaya shares their outlook on global topics that continue to influence its development efforts, including how housing trends are and what consumers really need at this time. The implementation of this practice of meeting consumer needs is an important standard for developers in the property industry to apply today, considering that the pandemic has limited some of the possibilities for consumers to decide to make a purchase, in other words, people are starting to be careful about their spending.

“We want to take a more strategic, prudent and long-term to approach all of our project development, considering until today the pandemic has not ended until the middle of this year. So instead of this pandemic situation making us pessimistic, we still have to look at some opportunities that can be achieved, such as providing attractive promos or anything that attracts consumers, must be able to adapt and create new opportunities, “said Johan P Santoso, as President Director of PT. Kota Satu Tbk.

Although side by side with the pandemic since the beginning of 2020, The Amaya has also carried out AJB and the handover houses to consumers as many as 9 units in the first half until the last December 2020 period has carried out BAST of 54 units of houses and 39 units AJB to consumers of The Amaya . Meanwhile, for early 2021 to mid-May, The Amaya has completed 7 BAST, 19 AJB and 30 other AJB are ready and just waiting for processing time with consumers.

The Amaya itself has several types of houses including Foresta with 100 housing units and 84 units have been sold, Montana with 60 housing units and 46 units sold, Fressia with 63 housing units and 20 units have been sold, Fontana with 30 housing units and 10 unitS that have been sold, Linea with 233 housing units and 61 units sold, the last one is the Alyssa type with 6 housing units and 2 units sold. Of the property products that have been launched to the market, Elizia Indriani as Sales Coordinator of The Amaya said that one type that is in great demand today is the Foresta type.

“Until now, sales of the Foresta type are still the highest among other types at The Amaya, sales of the Foresta type itself have reached 95%, much higher than the other types which only reached 60% – 70%.” Elizia also added that there will be a plan to build a new type of residential unit at The Amaya which is being prepared. The new unit is called Kayayana, which will be produced in 28 units and it is hoped that it will become the choice of other units that consumers will also be interested in.

In 2021, the demand for houses and shop houses at The Amaya is still quite high. To continue to encourage increased sales, in addition to being supported by government policies with a VAT exemption of up to 100%, his party also offers promos in the form of Free AJB BPHTB fees, Free Honda ADV, and discounts of up to 300 million. Meanwhile, Elizia said that apart from providing promos, her party also continues to build The Amaya facilities to support the needs of its consumers. Such as the facilities that were just inaugurated by the Regent of Semarang Regency on March 30, 2021, namely the Club House which can be used by consumers for meeting facilities, sports, and other needs. Besides that to continue to encourage increased sales, The Amaya continues to add other facilities such as jogging track, gym and children’s playground around the residential area which is still being developed.