The Board of Commissioners Chapter

In conducting its duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors stipulate guidelines of work (Charter) which contains the entire corporation law principles, relevant laws and regulations, Shareholders referral and Articles of Associations provision that regulates the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors duties and responsibilities. This Charter intends for the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors to be better understand its rights and obligations, duties and responsibilities and also regulations in connection with work procedures of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors.

  1. To supervise the internal management system and policy;
  2. To develop GCG practice and to ensure that it is implemented properly in every level of the Company and also to make any adjustment if necessary;
  3. To conduct supervision for managing the Company by the Board of Directors and to ensure that the Board of Directors take into account the interest of the Shareholders;
  4. To establish Audit Committee and other committees if necessary and also to conduct evaluation for such Committees performance at the end of the year;
  5. To conduct Annual GMS and other GMS in accordance with its authorities as referred to in the regulations and articles of associations.

The Board of Directors Charter

In conducting its duties and responsibilities, the Board of Directors has a Charter that consists of corporation law principles, the prevailing laws and regulations, the Shareholders guidance and the Articles of Associations provisions that regulate duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. This Charter is intended for the Board of Directors to run the Company in efficient, effective, transparent, competent and independent way and to be accounted so that it can be accepted by all concerned parties and in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia.

  1. Managing the Company in accordance with the authorities and responsibilities as stipulated in the Articles of Association including to convene Annual GMS and other GMS.
  2. Representing the Company in and outside the Court.
  3. Managing and coordinating all the Company’s activities.
  4. Determining various policies and strategies with regard to the vision and mission of the Company.
  5. Ensuring the data availability and information that is accurate, relevant and in timely manner to the Board of Commissioners.
  6. Implementing GCG principles in all business activities of the Company.
  7. Giving direction and coordination of the Company’s operational activities covering land acquisition, development and estate management.
  8. Handling on planning, managing and financial reporting effectively, efficiently, and accountably to ensure the funds availability in order to support the entire business activities of the Company.
  9. Establishing Committee in order to support the Effectiveness and responsibility as well as evaluating the performance of the Committee as at end of financial year.
  10. Carrying out duties based on good faith, fully responsibly and with prudence as well as complying with the prevailing rules and regulations.