Facilities The Amaya Club House were finally completed and were inaugurated by the Regent of Semarang Regency that is Mr. Ngesti Nugraha and the President Director of PT. Kota Satu Properti, Tbk. Mr. Johan P Santosa. This inauguration was held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Besides being attended by Mr.Regent of Semarang Regency, the inauguration was also attended by the Deputy Head of Police, the District Military Command and colleagues of The Amaya Shareholders.

The series of events carried out at the inauguration were cutting the ribbon, signing the plaque and cutting the tumpeng which was also carried out directly by Bp. Ngesti Nugraha as Regent of Semarang Regency and Bp. Johan P Santoso as the President Director of Kota Satu Properti Tbk.

Responding to this inauguration, Bp. Ngesti Nugraha expressed his appreciation for The Amaya’s efforts to carry out a green lifestyle movement which of course will have a very good impact on the environment, as well as the welfare of the needs of its citizens. This information is conveyed in the following statement “I congratulate, of course, on the inauguration of The Amaya Club House, I really appreciate The Amaya’s good intentions in the construction of this Club House which I know the goal is to accustom the green lifestyle to its residents, a good step, to facilitate residents for their needs besides that it can also increase their desire to pay attention to health by actively exercising. ” He explained that when being interviewed, the event was finished yesterday.

In his speech, Bp. Ngesti also hopes that these facilities can be utilized properly by the residents of The Amaya. Not only for exercising, but also for familiarizing oneself with each other. “In addition to being a sports facility for residents, I hope The Amaya Club House can be a means of communication and interaction between residents, so that people can get closer to each other”. He added. President Director of The Amaya Bp. Johan P Santoso also said that the Club House facility is a superior facility apart from other facilities owned by The Amaya. The Club House itself is equipped with a swimming pool, as well as a large room that can later be used to support all activities of the residents of The Amaya, both official and sports events such as yoga classes, gymnastics and other sports. In addition, to support the green lifestyle movement, The Amaya will also prepare various supporting facilities in the future, such as a jogging track and a basketball court. You might also enjoy Improve Services Even in the Pandemic Period, Allstay Hotel Yogyakarta Adds Game Room Facilities Strengthening Friendship Amaya doing Iftar Together with Broker Partners.