Provide Support in the Midst of a Pandemic, Amaya Distributes Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Gives IPL Fees Deductions to Residents.

PT. Kota Satu Properti, Tbk (SATU) as the housing developer for Amaya Home Resort on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, distributed masks and hand sanitizer to its residents. This activity is a form of Amaya’s concern for the residents as well as an effort to support the government’s program in combating the transmission of COVID-19.

“This ongoing pandemic is definitely a challenge for the residents of Amaya. One of our concerns is by distributing masks and hand sanitizer for free to residents. We also routinely spray disinfectant in the Amaya environment. We also give appreciation for residents who smoothly pay dues (IPL) by providing payment discounts of up to 25% for July & August 2021.” said Retno as Deputy Manager of Amaya.

Amaya housing, which has a very strategic location, in the area of the Ungaran toll exit, is in great demand by consumers, where a total of 264 housing units have been sold.

“Currently, there are about 78 families who have lived in Amaya. Thus, of course, extra attention is needed, both in terms of security, order and comfort, so we from the management continue to strive to provide the best service to residents. Besides that, we also continue to remind residents to wearing masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands with soap, and practicing a clean and healthy life.” Retno concluded.