VAT Free Purchase of Extended Homes,
PT. Kota Satu Properti Tbk. (SATU) Amaya’s Sales Boost

The extension of the VAT-free incentive from the government encourages consumers to purchase property, especially houses. Previously, the Government provided incentives in the property sector in the form of exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT) on landed houses and flats until August 2021, but with the issuance of Minister of Finance Regulation no. 103/PMK.010/21, then officially the VAT-free incentive for landed houses and flats with a selling price of up to Rp. 2 billion was extended until December 2021. Meanwhile for houses with a selling price of rp. 2 billion to Rp. 5 billion VAT borne by the government 50%. Given this incentive is very reasonable considering the contribution of the construction and real estate sectors to gross domestic product (GDP) over the last 20 years increased from 7.8% in 2000 to 13.6% in 2020.

PT. Kota Satu Properti, Tbk. (SATU) as the housing developer of Amaya Home Resort, responded to this as a breath of fresh air for the property industry, which has been experiencing a slump since the pandemic hit last March 2021. This VAT-free incentive has proven to be able to encourage consumer buying decisions, which have been waiting and see, and is considered to be a positive momentum for the rebound in the property industry market in Indonesia.

We certainly welcome this government policy and make every effort to take advantage of this positive momentum to boost sales of Amaya Home Resort in the second half of 2021,” said Johan P. Santoso, President Director of PT. Kota Satu Properti Tbk, (SATU). “The increase in residential houses is a sign of the revival of the property industry. I believe this year is an opportunity for those who want to own a house or invest in property because from the beginning of next year to the next 5 years property prices will rise significantly.” John added.

“A variety of attractive promos have been issued by Amaya Home Resort to pamper buyers, where special purchases starting in August 2021, in addition to being free of VAT, are also added with free one-year broadband internet subscriptions, free AC, and free Certificate of Ownership (SHM). In addition, we provide a special program for health workers in the form of a free Air Purifier as our appreciation to health workers who have been fighting at the forefront against the Covid-19 pandemic.” explained Eliza Indriani, as Sales Coordinator of Amaya Home Resort.

Developed since 2012 until now, Amaya Home Resort has become one of the most favorite residential houses in Semarang and its surroundings. It’s no wonder that more than 80% of stage 3 sales have changed hands to consumers. Having a unique strategic location only 3 minutes from the Ungaran toll exit and the fresh natural atmosphere of the mountains is believed to be the determining factor for the success of Amaya Home Resort. In addition, it is supported by various modern facilities that are not found in other housing such as Amaya Care and Amaya Lifestyle where residents do not need to bother looking for a handyman for home maintenance and renovation because it has been provided by the developer with guaranteed quality and competitive costs. House prices in Amaya start from Rp. 969.230.800, – (Linea), and Rp. 1,512,275,900,- (Ruko).

“The pandemic period has resulted in a shift in the housing market. Consumers are now more interested in housing with a healthy environment and clean and cool air. This is our advantage and uniqueness that is difficult for other housing to imitate.” Close Eliza.