Amaya Home Resort, Offer Fresh Mountain Air
with Facilities that Pamper Residents

Amaya Home Resort is one of the most favorite housings of consumers in Semarang and its surroundings, especially in the Ungaran area. Carrying the concept of “Enjoying Life Balance” which is to prioritize the balance of life, Amaya Home Resort has proven to have a special place in the hearts of residential home buyers, where 80% of the units marketed have sold. To reach the location, residents of Amaya Home Resort are pampered with the facilities of the Semarang – Ungaran toll road because the location is located in the Ungaran toll exit area.

Eliza Indriani as Sales Coordinator of Amaya Home Resort say that lately many consumers are looking for homes with a healthy and fresh environment.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has made people aware of their health, so clean air is indeed a question that is often asked by our consumers. Because the location of Amaya Home Resort at the foot of Ungaran Mount with a certain height, there is no doubt about its freshness and beauty” said Eliza.

In addition to the beautiful green atmosphere of the trees, Amaya Home Resort also has complete facilities and even some facilities that other housing does not have, including: one gate system, 24-hour security & cctv, club house, broadband internet, Amaya Lifestyle and Amaya Care. Through Amaya Care and Amaya Life Style, what residents needs for interior design and building maintenance such as repairs to water, electricity, wall paint and so on have been provided by Amaya Home Resort.

Other then that, for investment needs Amaya Home Resort has its own selling value as the Central Java Valley project is planned to be completed by the end of 2020 which is planned as the largest tourist park in Asia and various other advantages such as being located at the node point of the Trans Java Toll road that connects various provinces and big cities in Indonesia. Java Island. Looking at the existing developments, Ungaran city will undoubtedly grow rapidly in the future and will certainly have an impact on the increase in the selling value of its property.

Amaya Home Resort has various types of houses that is Linea, Foresta, Montana, Fressia, Fontana, and Alyssa. Of the property products that have been launched to the market, 80% have been sold, of which the types that are in great demand are the Foresta and Linea types, said Eliza.

“Until now, sale of the Foresta type are still the highest among other types at Amaya Home Resort, currently for the Linea type of 94 units marketed, only 16 units are marketed, and the Foresta type of 98 units marketed is only 14 units. If you want this type, the buyer must hurry before it runs out.” Lid Elizia.