Amaya Home Resort, Business Unit of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk (SATU) Again Successfully Holds Amaya Talk Volume 3 Webinar, Presenting Director Marimas

Amaya Home Resort, which is a business unit of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk (SATU), has once again successfully held an Amaya Talk Webinar. This time, the webinar has reached Volume 3. Amaya Talk 3 was held on Saturday, October 30, 2021, and was located live at Club House Amaya Home Resort with “Business Expansion During a Pandemic”, Amaya presented speaker Harjanto Halim who is the Director of MARIFOOD (PT Marimas Putera Kencana) which is popular with powder drinks with the slogan “MARIMAS MAKIN KUSUMA”.

Harjanto Halim on that occasion shared a story related to his success in expanding his business during the pandemic where apart from Marimas products, he was also successful in the food and beverage business, namely Posin Bakery and Cafe, which is located on Jalan Minister Supeno Semarang.

“This bakery and cafe is a new imperial cafe because there is a chance we are ready. If we used to know only grandparents and aunts, now we will adjust it. It turns out that the style is suitable during this pandemic,” explained the Semarang native during the discussion with Harry Xiao, Bussiness Coach.

Harjanto Halim’s success in expanding this business cannot be separated from the adjustments he made to the business. According to him, in the modern era like today, running a business does not only require innovation. Moreover, a business must also be adapted to market needs so that it can survive during changes that occur.

“Indeed, we must continue to innovate because it has become part of the business. However, it must also be adapted to market needs. Especially now that consumers are increasingly spoiled with various creations,” he explained.

Haryanto continued, consumer needs that continue to change from time to time also encourage him to make adjustments to existing changes. Especially in product marketing. It is said, marketing expansion also needs to be done during the massive use of social media today.

“Advertising is very important. Back in 1997, I decided to advertise on television. I remember at that time the turnover was around Rp. 300 million per month, but I had to sign a 600 million contract. For me, it was a pretty big bet, but then I thought that the brand was famous still advertised.

Now that social media is also very influential, we are starting to realize its effectiveness either through social media or websites. I see this as a pretty effective tool for personal branding,” he added.

Amaya Talk is a webinar organized by Amaya Home Resort with a theme that is usually hotly discussed. This webinar was first held in August 2021 and is starting to be routinely held every month. Meanwhile, Amaya Home Resort is a residence with a green living concept that pampers residents through the natural atmosphere of the mountains, offering clean air quality and free from air pollution with a strategic location near the Ungaran toll exit. Amaya Home Resort provides a sensation like living in a resort environment, pampering its residents through facilities that can facilitate the daily life of residents, namely Amaya Care services which include Amaya Groceries, Amaya Laundry, Amaya Housekeeping, Amaya Payment, and Amaya Maintenance. There is also a swimming pool facility at the Club House which can be used as a sports facility in addition to other facilities such as 24-hour security that ensures the safety of residents, CCTV at several points, and a one gate system with an RFID Card.