Amaya Home Resort, which is a business unit of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk collaborated with Cassablanca Event Organizer (EO) to hold a Sunday Market event at Clubhouse Amaya Home Resort, Ungaran, Sunday (28/11/2021). The event also introduced Amaya to the public, especially in the Semarang area.

“In this event, we want to introduce Amaya to the public that there is Amaya in Ungaran. With the series of activities held, apart from knowing that Amaya is in Ungaran, people who come will certainly get to know Amaya more,” explained Eliza Indriani, Amaya Home Resort Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

Eliza also said. Meanwhile, the Sunday Market event presented a series of activities from morning to evening starting from Zumba, maple competitions for elementary students, and Shih-Tzu seminars. In this seminar, the speakers provided education to participants who have a Shih-Tzu dog. On that occasion also many participants brought their pets to simultaneously practice how to care for and share with other participants about this type of pet dog. In addition to the various activities carried out, various food stands also enlivened the event this time.