Amaya Home Resort Gives 0 Percent Credit Interest Promo

As Hot promotions, Amaya Home Resort is pleased to present a residence with full facility and the nuance of beautiful nature for those hoping to experience the true atmosphere of living in nature. In the beginning of this year, Amaya Home Resort has offered 0% interest credit promotion for the first one year, with free two units of AC as the bonus. Yet, there is still more to offer, Amaya Home Resort  gives free SHM and free vinyl floor for those hoping to live in a comfortable house enjoying quality time with their beloved family. Amaya Home Resort provides two excellent types of houses, Type 41/81 Ixia, a one-story house, and type 78/105 Ixora, a two-story house. Both types are offered with price starting from 600’s million Rupiahs.

With its Home Resort concept and modern design, The Amaya will bring natural mountainous atmosphere to your house, provide you with our best facilities to support you living a convenient life. The facilities, Amaya Care service, present best living experience for its residents by providing resort-level service. There are five excellent services of Amaya Care that can be enjoyed by those interested in living in Amaya Home Resort. Those five services consist of Amaya Groceries, a service provided to make it easy to shop for drinking water and gas, Amaya Laundry, Amaya Housekeeping, a service of house and yard cleaning, and Amaya Payment, a service provided for the convenience of paying bills. In addition, Amaya Home Resort also presents Amaya Maintenance, a service provided for the convenience of building maintenance such as leak problem and repairing water pipe or electricity and also AC maintenance service. Eliza Indriani, a Sales Coordinator of Amaya Home Resort, added that buyers who are interested in buying units of Amaya Home Resort can get credit with 10% interest and other various kinds of promotion by contacting Marketing gallery at this number 76901000 or 08192010001.

“People can also come to our exhibition at SIM Square Telogorejo Semarang City because we will be there until Next Friday (21/1) , he explained , Monday (17/1/2022).

Eliza also explained several concepts applied at Amaya Home Resort such as Green Living and Easy Access, which includes easy access to toll road and being far away from the center of traffic congestion.

“Healthy Life has also become our basis in order to make sure that the Amaya Home Resort’s residents can enjoy life with a stress-free atmosphere. Because there are swimming  pool, jogging track, basketball court and play ground,” he added.

He also added, Simple Living by providing various services and Secure Feeling for the comfort and safety of the residents are also the main focus of Amaya Home Resort .

“Safety is guaranteed, the residents do not need to be worried about leaving their house because, apart from CCTV and a 24-hour security service, we also have Smart One Gate with an embedded RFID System. Ultimately, we present our residents with the concept of Quality Residence, a housing concept affecting the residents’ quality of life. The Amaya’s Home Resort concept brings resort atmosphere to the residence and its environment. The residence is specially designed so that the residents can enjoy the comfort of living in resort in their daily life.