Allstay Hotel Collaborates Actively in order to Boost Revenue of PT Kota Satu Properti , Tbk (SATU)

Allstay Hotel Semarang, which is a hotel owned by the subsidiary of PT Kota Satu Properti, Tbk (SATU), continues to add more facilities to the hotel as an effort to upgrade its service to the customers. The addition of the facilities is done through a collaboration with a number of parties. Previously, Allstay collaborated with Kopi Janji Jiwa that has opened its outlet on the Ground Floor of Allstay Hotel Semarang. This collaboration has received positive response from hotel guests as well as the community around the hotel, marked with the increase in the number of the coffee buyers who are the loyal guest of the hotel, visitors from outside, and also from online order. Since December, Allstay Hotel Semarang has also collaborated with Cycle’ogy, a premium bikeshop and an authorized dealer for Trek Bicycle, Patrol Mountain and Dominate bikes. Cycle’ogy can please hobbyist and professional athletes with their endless choices of bikes. In addition, with cycling as a life style trend in Semarang, Cycle’ogy will have potential prospect of success because it can provide all the needs for cycling, such as various types of bicycles with the latest types and models, jerseys, helmets, shoes, gloves, bicycle parts and so on. Cycle’ogy also provides bicycle maintenance service. In the near future, fitment for sophisticated bikes will also be available in Semarang, the only one in Central Java.

In addition to collaborating with best-selling brand of drink and bikes, recently Allstay Hotel Semarang has also collaborated with Ayam Geprek Smekdon with its best-selling menu the first and the only ayam geprek rebus (boiled shredded chicken) in Indonesia. “Ayam geprek Smekdon is a culinary business owned by Kota Satu group with the first outlet available in Allstay Hotel Semarang. In the near future, Ayam Geprek Smekdon will open many branches throughout Indonesia,” explained Johan P. Santoso as The President Director of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk (SATU). The first outlet of Ayam Geprek Smekdon has opened on the ground floor area of Allstay Hotel Semarang and was officially launched on November 21, 2021. Ayam Geprek Smekdon is operated under Central Kitchen concept and is marketed in marketplaces such as GoFood , GrabFood , and Shopee Food.