Extended VAT Incentive , Kota SAtu (SATU) Optimistic Property Sale Grows

Director of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk, Johan P. Santoso, said that incentive policy of Value Added Tax (VAT) deletion will bring positive outcome for performance of the company. This policy will convince consumers to buy houses. VAT incentive that should have ended in December 2021 has been extended until June 2022 by the government. “We welcome government decision to extend VAT incentives because this can benefit the consumers and property industry,” explained Johan on Monday (31/1/2022). The company with stock code SATU is optimistic that VAT incentive will also boost the sales of Amaya Home Resort as one of the products offered. A new unit of landed houses offered with the price under IDR 2 billion will receive 50 percent VAT incentive. Eliza Indriani, the Sales Coordinator of Amaya Home Resort said that smart buyers will take advantage of this moment. “Besides considering VAT incentive, consumers also observe that prices of House will increase up to 10 percent in the next 1-2 months because of the increase in the prices of the material. A smart consumers will take this opportunity to immediately buy houses,” he explained. Amaya Home Resort Ungaran has become one of most favorite iconic residences in Semarang and its surrounding areas, especially for consumers who dream to live in a residence surrounded by cool mountainous breeze. Various convenience facilities provided by Amaya Home Resort residents are also available such as club house, swimming pool, internet broadband, one gate system, cctv and 24 hour security. All of these facilities make Amaya Home Resort’s residents feel convenient and safe living here. There are also additional facilities that are not available in other housing residences, such as Amaya Care and Amaya Life Style where residents own access to facilities equal to a star hotel such as housekeeping, laundry, water/ electrical installation repair, gardening, to home design and renovation.