Held Amaya Talk Vol 5, Amaya Home Resort Collaborates with Desi Trisnawati 2012 Masterchef Winner and Bank BTN

Amaya Home Resort conducted the Amaya Talk webinar again which has reached volume 5. In this webinar which was held on Saturday, February 5, 2022, Desi Trisnawati was also invited as the main speaker. In accordance with the title of this webinar, namely Business Opportunities by Combining Healthy Lifestyles & Local Wisdom, the winner of Masterchef Indonesia in 2012 who is also the Founder of Meliponini Honey explained about Meliponini Honey starting from the types of bees used, the benefits of Meliponini honey, and the uniqueness of Meliponini honey compared to other honeys.

In this one hour webinar, Amaya Home Resort also invited Bank BTN to introduce their new program specifically aimed to Millennials called ‘KPR Millenial Gaes’. In this program, BTN offers 4,75% fixed rate of 2 years, credit period up to 30 years, and super light installments.

The program carried by BTN is in line with several residences at Amaya Home Resort which have several types of houses suitable for millennials with prices below 1 billion, namely the Linea type house (65 / 81), a house with two floors, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, The carport and garden behind the house are perfect for millennials because of their modern design and friendly prices. There is another type at Amaya Home Resort that is also suitable for millennials, namely the Ixia type ( 41 / 81 ), this house not inferior to the previous type. In this Ixia type, there are two bedrooms, one bathroom, a carport and a small garden behind the house, very suitable for young families with their first residence.

In addition to presentations from speakers and several promos, this webinar also introduces the program that is being actively voiced by Amaya Home Resort, namely Amaya Community. Amaya Community is intended for the general public who want to have side income by helping sell housing units at Amaya Home Resort, with a commission of 1% of the net price / DPP. This program always gets a positive response from the participants of the Amaya Talk webinar as evidenced by the large number of participants who eventually register themselves to become part of the Amaya Community.