Allstay Hotel Semarang Update 3 Star Hotel Classification Certification

Allstay Hotel Semarang passed the re-certification test for eligibility for 3 star classification. Since its inception in 2016, Allstay Hotel Semarang has been registered as a hotel with 3 star accreditation at the Semarang City Tourism Office. In 2018 Allstay Hotel Semarang has also succeeded in obtaining a 3-star eligibility certification where the eligibility certification is valid for 3 years. PT Sertifindo Wisata Utama, is an independent Business Certification Agency appointed to conduct this certification audit. In addition to the 3-year certification audit, PT Sertifindo Wisata Utama also conducts an annual surveillance audit to ensure quality standards are maintained until the next audit. The surveillance carried out covers products, services, and hotel management with a total of 208 elements included in the three assessments.

The minimum standard for assessing the feasibility of 3-star hotels is 520 – 708. Through the results of the 3-star hotel recertification audit results, in 2022 Allstay Hotel Semarang gets a score of 558. This is announced in the minutes that have been published by the audit team of PT Sertifindo Wisata Utama on Thursday, February 24, 2022.
“The minimum score for the 3-star classification is 520. With a score of 558, Allstay Hotel Semarang has succeeded in surpassing it. This is proof of our commitment to improving the quality of our products and services to guests, starting from the comfort of their stay, the quality of hotel facilities, and the quality of service.” Shodik Purwanta as Hotel Manager of Allstay Hotel Semarang said.

Allstay Hotel Semarang has become a favorite 3-star hotel for tourists visiting the city of Semarang. The hotel, which carries the concept of a modern lifestyle, is located in the Simpang Lima area which is the center of business and government in Semarang. The location of the hotel is also close to several shopping centers and culinary specialties of Semarang and can be reached within 15 minutes from A. Yani Airport. Other excellent facilities offered from this hotel include an international restaurant, meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people, massages, and equipped with a large parking area.